Rob's Computer Care can protect you in the following ways:  

  • Remove viruses

  • Install virus protections

  • Uninstall unnecessary programs

  • Remove adware and spyware

  • Install Microsoft Updates (make sure they are current)

  • Backup your data (pics, docs, music, videos, favorites)

  • Ensure browser settings are current and correct

  • Ensure your programs are up to date

There are lots of nasty viruses, adware and spyware that secretly use your private information without permission, possibly with drastic consequences. Viruses and adware can also cause lots of damage to your data (possibly losing everything) and can lead to the corruption of your operating system.

Adware and viruses not only violate your privacy, they also slow down your system, change your settings, and install fake programs and tool bars without your permission. Every day hackers are coming up with new ways of destroying or stealing your information.

Rob's Computer Care will make sure to protect your computer by installing firewalls, virus protection, anti-spam and anti-spyware protection, which block intruders, making sure your important files, photos and music are secure.

We will keep you safe from hackers and online fraud scams, such as e-mails that link to phony websites and viruses, which will allow you to bank and shop online with peace of mind. It's also critical to back up your data, just in case a virus corrupts your data and deletes everything. We sell back up hard drives and can set up your backup on any device.


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Security & Backup

Virus & adware removal

Set up system security

Backup your data

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Diagnose your problem

Increase speed & performance

Upgrade hardware

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Computer Purchasing

Home networks (Wired & Wireless)

Purchase new or refurbished computers

Transfer data

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